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Evidence-Based Nursing Practice


CINAHL Scope notes describe evidence based nursing as "Nursing practice that bases clinical decisions on research, clinical expertise, patient choices, and critical evaluation of the literature. " The following books deal with evidence based practice:

  • Evidence-based nursing: the research-practice connection
  • Nurse to nurse. Evidence based practice
  • Evidence-based nursing guide to disease management
  • Nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care
  • Evidence-based geriatric nursing protocols for best practice
  • Evidence-based nursing care guidelines: medical-surgical interventions
  • Evidence-based nursing: an introduction
  • Introduction to evidence-based practice in nursing and health care
  • Best practices: evidence-based nursing procedures
  • Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice model and guidelines

    Evidence-Based Journals

    Evidence-based research articles can be found in the CINAHL database by limiting your search with Evidence-Based Practice and Research Article.

    The following periodicals have a high percentage of evidence-based articles:

  • Bandolier (online)
  • Best Practice in CINAHL
  • Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing (online)
  • Contemporary OB/GYN in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Cardiovascular Medicine in Electronic Journal Center
  • Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Healthcare in Electronic Journal Center
  • Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health in Electronic Journal Center
  • Evidence-Based Medicine in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Mental Health in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Midwifery in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Nursing (BMJ product in CINAHL)
  • Evidence-Based Practice in CINAHL
  • Evidence-Based Obstetrics & Gynecology in Electronic Journal Center
  • Evidence-Based Oncology in Electronic Journal Center
  • JOGNN (Lakeland Library and CINAHL)

    Web Resources

    Best Practice Guidelines

    Best Practices Joanna Briggs Institute

    National Guideline Clearinghouse

    Evidence-Based Practice Resources

    Evidence-Based Nursing Tutorial
    Excellent tutorial on evidence-based nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial
    Excellent tutorial on evidence-based practice from Duke University Medical Center Library and Health Sciences Library at UNC-Chapel Hill.

    General Evidence-Based Practice

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provides evidence-based medicine tools and resources and research findings.

    Systematic Reviews

    DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects)
    DARE contains 15,000 abstracts of systematic reviews including over 6,000 quality assessed reviews and details of all Cochrane reviews and protocols.

    NICHD Cochrane Neonatal Collaborative Review Group Systematic Reviews
    Systematic reviews from the Cochrane Neonatal Collaborative with full text provided via the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

    Based on systematic reviews of clinical trials, this site provides executive summaries, clinical reviews, and a medical encyclopedia.

    PubMed Systematic Reviews
    Clinical queries within PubMed provide systematic reviews of various topics.

    TRIP Database
    The aims of the TRIP Database have remained the same since 1997 - allow health professionals to easily find the highest-quality material available on the web - to help support evidence based practice.

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