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Sending Email Attachments

Information Literacy GEO this assignment addresses:

UsesTechnology to Access and Manage Information. Researching print or electronic sources is dependent upon computer and Internet technology. Lack of computer skills limits students' successful acquisition and management of information.

Objectives of assignment:

  • Understand the use of email as a means for receiving and sending digital information
  • Understand the use of email attachments
  • Understand file sizes and types
  • Understand file management by creating folders and by saving/retrieving files


This exercise requires the use of a computer lab for hands-on computer instruction. It requires the instructor to set up an attachment saved in a folder on a disk or a drive in advance. The instructor must also establish a group email list for the class using Lakeland email.

The instructor should test the exercise in the lab to assure it is capable of performing all of the tasks in the exercise. All students in the class should know their Lakeland email address and be able to log on without assistance. This exercise can be customized to any subject area and use any type of attachment the instructor feels is common to that discipline.


  1. Ask your students to log into his/her Lakeland email account.
  2. Send everyone a “Welcome” message from the instructor's station using your group email list on Banner. Ask your students reply to you (this makes sure they understand the basics of email).
  3. Send them another short email, but add a small attachment.
    • Demonstrate locating the attachment in a folder on a drive using the browse function (it can be on a disk in a local drive or one of the college's shared drives).
    • Explain file types (.doc needs to be opened with Word; .jpeg can be opened in any browser, etc.).
    • Have students right mouse click on file itself, then properties to determine size of file.
  4. Have students click on the attachment in their email to open it on their computers using the appropriate program. Ask them create a folder in My Documents and save the attachment in it. (Right mouse click on the Start button, click on “Explore”, highlight My Documents, click on File - New - Folder. Name folder.)
  5. Have them reply to your email and reattach the file by searching for it using browse (as you have demonstrated) to send back to you.

Important summation/review points:

Finish the exercise by reviewing what they have accomplished and how this applies to their college work.

  • Email is an important method for transferring electronic files. This applies to Blackboard, Lakeland email, and free web email sites.

  • Students can send (upload) assignments, resumes, spreadsheets, photos or any digital file type as an attachment to an email. Limitations on size and file type may be imposed by the software on the email server. Many web servers (Hotmail, Yahoo) will not transfer attachments over 10 MB. Text files are seldom that large, but photographs or movies may be. Trouble uploading through the Lakeland server or to Blackboard should be referred to the Lakeland Help Desk.