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................ Information Literacy GEO this assignment addresses:

Using Technology to Access and Manage Information. Most students are familiar with the databases that provide electronic versions of print materials – magazine, journal and newspaper articles. The Electronic Reference Books database provides full text reference books published by ABC-Clio for electronic use by OhioLINK students and faculty.

Objectives of assignment:

  • Access Electronic Reference Books through the Lakeland Library website and the OhioLINK website
  • View the results of a search and access appropriate pages of the electronic text


This exercise requires the use of a computer lab for hands-on computer instruction. The instructor should test the exercise in the lab to assure it is capable of performing all of the tasks in the exercise. This exercise can be customized to any subject area and use any ABC-Clio text the instructor feels would benefit his/her students.

Assignment: Electronic Reference Books Database

  1. Accessing the Database from the Lakeland Library Website:

    • From the Lakeland Library Webpage, go to "Books, etc," and click on "E-Reference Books. "

    • From off-campus, click on "Off-Campus Access." After authenticating, click on "D-E" listed under "Listed by Name." Scroll down and click on "Electronic Reference Books."

  2. Using the "Basic Search" with full text, type in "gay marriage." Click on "Search."

    • How many records are returned? (17)

    • Scroll down to Gay and Lesbian Issues: A Reference Handbook and click on "result details." Notice that the headings in blue are topic links to specific pages in the book. Click on the word "Marriage" at the end of the second group of headings. This will take you directly to the mention of gay marriage.

    • What country was the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriages? (Netherlands)

    • Name one reason why religious conservatives have concerns over allowing same-sex marriages.

    • What is the counterpoint to this argument?

    • ABC-Clio, the publisher of this database, also publishes a book series called Contemporary World Issues. To access information from this series of books, return to the basic search form. Type stem cell* in the Find search box. Under "Limit to Book," type “contemporary world issues” in the first box. From the drop down menu at the side of this search box, select “citation.” Click “Search.”

      • How many records are returned? (2)

      • Click on “results details” under the listing for Reproductive Issues in America: A Reference Handbook. Scroll down and click on "Remarks by President George W. Bush on Stem Cell Research."

      • How much money was the government to spend on stem cell research in 2002? ($250 million)

      • Who was to head the council to be formed on stem cell research? (Dr. Leon Kass)
Important summation/review points:
  • The Electronic Reference Center provides a virtual reference library at your fingertips by providing full text titles published by ABC-Clio, a leading publisher of reference materials for public and academic libraries.

  • Contemporary World Issues, a series published by ABC-Clio, is well represented in this collection of full text titles and should be helpful for research papers.

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