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QB Astronomy
QC Physics

Selected Reference Books

Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics
The Physics Quick Reference Guide
Handbook of Physical Quantities
The Physics Handbook: Fundamentals and Key Equations
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
The Handy Physics Answer Book
McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Physics
A to Z of Physicists


Encyclopedia of Physics Demonstrations
600 videos of physics experiments available for viewing and downloading. Each video illustrates a particular principle of physics. The demonstrations are augmented by slow-motion photography and animation.

Inspec 1969-
Index and abstracts to articles, proceedings, books and reports in physics.

Electronic Book Center - Physics
Full text e-books.

Electronic Journal Center
Full text journals online.

Oxford Reference, Physical Science and Mathematics
Reference books on Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics.

Academic Search Complete
Full text articles online. Search by topic or title of publication. Ebsco


American Institute of Physics
The AIP provides resources for the physics scientific community.

Astronomical Almanac Online
The Astronomical Almanac Online extends the printed version by providing data best presented in machine-readable form. The printed version contains precise ephemerides of the Sun, Moon, planets, and satellites, data for eclipses and other astronomical phenomena for a given year, and serves as a world-wide standard for such information.

An Atlas of the Universe
This web page is designed to give everyone an idea of what our universe actually looks like. There are nine main maps on this web page, each one approximately ten times the scale of the previous one.

College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry
A hypertextbook written for first-year undergraduates. It assumes a working knowledge of algebra, college level biology and chemistry.

Fear of Physics
Topics include the Doppler effect, roller coasters, pendulums, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, gravity, planets, acceleration and more. Annotated links are included.

MIT Open Courseware
Provides access to information provided in various MIT physics classes

The Particle Adventure
Introduces the Standard Model of fundamental particles and forces. Related links, charts and diagrams are included. Provides a basic introduction to particle physics.

Physical Reference Data
Links to physical information by fields, sources of original research, education and reference sites.

The Physics Classroom
An online tutorial teaching basic physics concepts. Contains animations of the Multimedia Physics Studio to help in visualizing and understanding key concepts.

Physics Today
Physics Today is the publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Includes authoritative feature articles, news stories and analyses.

Links to online reference sources, university departments, professional and student societies. Includes recent news in physics and astronomy.

Gateway to government websites dealing with physics and other sciences.

Sky View Café
Sky View Café "lets you see many types of astronomical information, in both graphical and numerical form" with an interactive planetarium.

Society of Physics Students
The Society of Physics Students is a professional association explicitly designed for students interested in physics.

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