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Political Science

Reference Books

The Reference collection is usually an excellent starting point for research projects. Reference books are non-circulating items (they cannot be checked out) and are designed to be used to look for specific information rather than read cover to cover. Additionally, reference books contain bibliographic records that can lead to the discovery of further resources to support one's thesis. In some instances, the reference books are compiled or supported by primary source documents or case studies.

United States Politics

  • American Conservatism: an Encyclopedia
  • Congressional quarterly almanac
  • The disputed presidential election of 2000 : a history and reference guide
  • Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections
  • Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics
  • Fundamentalists and Extremists
  • The Oxford Guide to The U.S. Government
  • How government works : selections from the Encyclopedia of the United States Congress, the Encyclopedia of the American presidency, the Encyclopedia of the American judicial system
  • The American Political Dictionary
  • The United States Government Manual

    World Politics

  • Encyclopedia of international relations and global politics
  • Encyclopedia of modern ethnic conflicts
  • Globalization : encyclopedia of trade, labor and politics
  • Nations of the world : a political, economic & business handbook
  • Ocean politics and policy : a reference handbook
  • The Oxford companion to politics of the world [electronic resource]
  • The Oxford handbook on the United Nations
  • Political Handbook of Africa 2007
  • Political Handbook of Europe 2007
  • Political Handbook of the Middle East 2006 Southeast Asian Affairs 2006
  • Political handbook of the world : 2005-2006
  • Student atlas of world politics
    Political Science Databases

    Electronic Journal Center, Politics, Political Science, and Law The EJC contains online searchable full text political science research journals.

    Ohio Capital Connection Ohio state government news and political information.

    International Political Science Abstracts indexing and abstracts of journals covering international politics.

    PAIS Database 1972–Present index and abstracts articles, books and government documents concerning public affairs

    World Wide Political Abstracts 1975-2006 index and abstracts to journal articles covering international politics from 1975-2006. Search International Political Science Abstracts for more rececent publications.

    Academic Search Complete is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary full-text database.

    Directory of Open Access Journals, Political Science is an international collection of full text political science journals.

    United States Political Science Web Resources

    The American Presidency Project ( an online resource compiled by John woolley and Gerhard Peters at the University of California, Santa Barbara containing over 76,000 documents relating to the presidency.

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (" is an independent US government agency responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior US policymakers."

    Political Database of the Americas ( provides documentary and statistical political information on North and South America including constutions, elections and governmental branches.

    Center for American Women and Politics ( features facts sheets, research, and voting behavior of women in goverment also facts about both current and historical women office holders. American Government & Politics Online ( provides information about government and politics in the United States.

    American National Election Studies ( collects data from the outcome of elections to provide researchers with a view of the political world through the eyes of ordinary citizens.

    A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: US Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875 ( documentary records of the proceedings in the United States Congress from 1774 to 1875.

    United States Politics and Elections ( collects and provides links to various websites with information about American politics, elections and public opinions. ( center for responsive politics that follows the money trail on Capitol Hill ( part of the Transparency Act (2006) that mandated a searchable website where government awards can be tracked.

    Voting America: United States Politics, 1848-2008 ( explores the history of American voting in presidential elections from 1848-2008 at the county level.

    International Political Science Web Resources

    Population Reference Bureau ( presents data on population, health and environment that will impact the world's future generations.

    GeoHive: Global Statistics ( geopolitical data on population, wealth and infrastructure on a country by country basis.

    Center for Global development ( independent think tank that provides research in an attempt to reduce inequality and global poverty.

    International IDEA, Supporting Democracy Worldwide ( intergovernmental organization designed to provide knowledge for policy development and analysis to support democratic reform. Publications are free as downloadable pdfs.

    Freedom, Democracy, Peace; Power, Democide and War ( R.J. Rummel, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Hawaii created and compiled the materials for this site that provide a historic overview of governmental abuses of power.

    U.S. Department of State Background Notes ( Facts about the people, history, government and political conditions of independent states, some dependencies and areas of special special sovereignty.

    Eurostat ( provides high quality statistical information about the European Union.

    The Rand Corporation, International Affairs ( provides research and analysis to facilitate policy decision making in both the public and private sectors includes security and military policy as well as social and economic policy.

    The Keele Guide to Middle East Government and Politics on the Internet ( Valuable resource put together by the School of Politics, International Relations & the Environment at Keele University in the UK. The site is well maintained and updated regularly.

    World Trade Organization ( an organization that promotes the liberalization of trade policy that releases news and statistics regarding international trade.

    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) ( provides free access to NATO publications from its origin treaty and protocols to the Partnership for Peace documents.

    Parallel History Project on Cooperative Security (PHP) ( Provides access to declassified documentation and information about the development of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, as well as the security dimensions of the cold war and their impact on today's world.

    United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library ( comprehensive archival collection of UN documents and publications includes access to the UN pulse an alert service that announces the online release of UN documents, publications and reports.

    Change for Equality, Iranian Women's Campaign for Equal Rights ( is an international site that draws attention to the plight of iranian women and their struggle for equality.

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