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Citing Sources

Quick Reference: Citations

Lakeland's Quick Reference guides are designed to support MLA and APA citation styles. The guides provide links to style handbooks in Lakeland's collection, formating and citation examples for MLA and APA as well as external links to supplemental resources.

Lakeland Library's MLA Citation Guide

Lakeland Library's APA Citation Guide

Web Resources:

From Trinity College Library Cite Source http://citesource.trincoll.edu/

American Medical Association (AMA) Citation Style Guides
From the Samford University:

From Texas A&M University Libraries: http://library.tamu.edu/help/help-yourself/citing-sources/files/Using-the-AMA-Style.pdf

American Chemical Society (ACS) Citation Style Guide
This guide developed by the American Chemical Society and compiled by Williams College librarians is a style guide for writing research papers in the field of chemistry.
ACS Style Guide:

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